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Type 2J4-4 Transformer Set


The Type 2J4-4 Uniload Voltage Transformer Test Set is generally used in combination with the Type KVTS Voltage Transformer Testing System in accuracy testing of voltage transformers. Transformers with primary ranges from 120 through 14,400 volts can be tested. When combined with the Type 2J6 Transformer Set, this can be extended to 36,000 volts.


A.  General

  1. The Type 2J4-4 Uniload Voltage Transformer Test Set shall consist of three major parts, as follows:

    1. A Type WP-14000-4 Precision Multirange Voltage Transformer Standard with primary ranges of 120; 240; 288; 300; 480; 600; 2,400; 4,200; 4,800; 7,200; 8,400; 12,000; and 14,400 volts. Secondary: 120 volts.

    2. A Type LP-14000-4 Heavy-Duty Supply Transformer (similar in size and appearance to the WP-14000-4).

    3. A rubber-tired carriage which supports the WP-14000-4 and LP-14000-4 and provides mobility to the complete Uniload Test Set.

  2. For convenience and safety, a connection arrangement which prevents incorrect connections during tests shall be used for selecting the proper voltage range on the supply transformer and the precision standard.

  3. The Type LP-14000-4 Supply Transformer shall mount on top of the Type WP-14000-4 Voltage Transformer, with an interlocking feature for rigidity. Handles shall also be provided on each transformer for an added convenience should one wish to use the transformers separately and away from the carriage.

B.  Accuracy and Burden

  1. When the Type WP-14000-4 Precision Standard Transformer is used with its calibrated secondary burden the ratio of this voltage transformer shall be well within 0.02% and the phase angle shall be well within 2 minutes. The transformer shall be wound so that it has practically the same ratio and phase angle accuracy on all ranges.

C.  Calibration

  1. The transformer standard shall be able to be calibrated by itself without a standard of comparison by means of the Knopp One-to-One method.

D.  Dimensions and Weight

  1. The equipment shall measure approximately 23 in. (58.4 cm) Wide (not including handles), 15 in. (38.1 cm) Deep, and 40 in. (101.6 cm) High. The net weight shall be approximately 500 lbs. (226.8 kg).


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