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Type 2J6 Transformer Set


The Type 2J6 Uniload Voltage Transformer Test Set is generally used in combination with the Type KVTS Voltage Transformer Testing System in accuracy testing of voltage transformers. Transformers with primary ranges from 14,400 through 36,000 volts can be tested. When combined with the Type 2J4-4 Transformer Set, this range can be expanded down to 120 volts.


A.  General

  1. The transformer test set shall consist of three major parts, as follows:

    1. A precision multirange voltage transformer standard with four primary ranges (from 14,400 to 36,000 volts) and a 120 volt secondary. The voltage ranges shall be specified by the customer when ordering.

    2. A heavy-duty supply transformer with a primary of 120 volts and with secondary ranges the same as the primary ranges of the precision transformer standard.

    3. A steel mounting base which aligns and supports the above two transformers.

  2. Hook-eyes shall be provided on the top of each transformer to facilitate lifting.

B.  Voltage Range Selection

  1. For convenience and safety, a high-voltage connection bar and lead set shall be provided. This bar shall be used for selecting the proper voltage range on the supply transformer and precision transformer.

  2. The design of the supply transformer, precision transformer, high-voltage connection bar, and steel mounting base shall be such that incorrect connections during tests are prevented.

C.  Accuracy and Burden

  1. The secondary burden which will be placed on the precision transformer shall be stated at the time of order.

  2. When used at the specified burden, the precision transformer shall have a ratio error well within 0.02% and phase angle error well within 2 minutes.

  3. The precision transformer shall be wound such that it has practically the same ratio and phase angle accuracy on all ranges.

D.  Calibration

  1. The precision transformer shall provide one voltage range which is commonly present on lower voltage precision transformer sets to facilitate calibration of said transformer.

  2. Calibration of the precision transformer shall be able to be accomplished using the common voltage range described above. This feature shall allow for extension of the benefits of the One-to-One calibration method to the precision transformer.

  3. Prior to delivery, the precision transformer shall be calibrated by NRC.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology has ceased high voltage transformer calibration.

E.  Dimensions and Weight

  1. The equipment shall measure approximately 38.75 in. (98.4 cm) Wide, 23.75 in. (60.3 cm) Deep, and 30 in. (76.2 cm) High. The net weight shall be approximately 1220 lbs. (553.4 kg).


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