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Type KFS-50 Portable Phantom Load Test Set

The Knopp Portable Phantom Load Test Set, Type KFS-50, in combination with a watthour reference standard, is used for testing single-phase and polyphase watthour meters in the field. It will operate from one of four input voltages and provides output current up to 50 Amperes at Unity or 0.5 Power Factor.

A special feature of the KFS-50 interlocks the operation of the current select switch and the Variac control such that the position of the switch cannot be changes unless the Variac is at zero. This prolongs switch life and prevents magnetic offset in the meter-under-test that would result from switching transients.

The KFS-50 is mounted in a fiber carrying case. The case also includes space for the reference standard (either Knopp-supplied or user-supplied) and for the lead set (including a pendant switch). A removable tray allows storage for miscellaneous user-supplied tools.


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