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WP-36000 Precision Voltage Transformer


The WP-36000 Transformer is primarily a laboratory standard. Its excellent accuracy and multiplicity of ranges make it well-suited as a standard for precision calibration work. With the aid of this transformer, very accurate determination can be made of the ratio and phase angle characteristics of voltage transformers having ratings from 14400 to 36000 volts.

Additionally, the range of a voltmeter or wattmeter can be accurately extended by this transformer to cover all voltage values from 14400 to 36000 volts.


Several models are available. The models are differentiated by the two intermediate ranges:

Model WP-36000-1 primary ranges: 14400, 18000, 20760, and 36000 volts. Secondary: 120 volts.

Model WP-36000-2 primary ranges: 14400, 16800, 24000, and 36000 volts. Secondary: 120 volts.

Model WP-36000-3 primary ranges: 14400, 21000, 24000, and 36000 volts. Secondary: 120 volts.

Other intermediate ranges are available—consult factory for more information.


The WP-36000 Transformer, like other Knopp Precision Multirange Transformers, has excellent ratio and phase angle characteristics with respect to both inter-range accuracy and overall accuracy. This is made possible through a properly engineered design and through exclusive, highly perfected compensating and winding methods.

The transformer is furnished compensated for the highest possible accuracy at the burden specified by the user, but it may be used with excellent results with other burdens up to 25 volt-amperes. When used with the burden for which compensated, the ratio of this transformer standard is well within 0.02% and the phase angle is well within 2 minutes on all ranges.


The WP-36000 does not provide the Knopp One-to-One Calibrating Feature. However, for those who have a WP-14000 Knopp Precision Multirange Voltage Transformer Standard with its Knopp One-to-One feature, the benefit of the One-to-One calibration can be extended to the WP-36000 by comparing the 14400-volt ranges of the two transformers, using the WP-14000 as the standard.


The transformer is oil-insulated and is equipped with high-voltage cast-glass bushings. The plus-minus end of the winding is grounded to the core and case, and the transformer should be grounded through the ground terminal provided. The approximate overall dimensions are: 30 in. (762.0 mm) wide, 24 in. (609.6 cm) deep, and 32 in. (812.8 cm) high, including bushings. The net weight is approximately 570 lbs. (259 kg), and the shipping weight is approximately 700 lbs. (318 kg).



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